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If you are facing the difficult decision whether to end your marriage, defending yourself from devastating DCF accusations, or challenging / modifying a child support or custody agreement you are not alone.

At Thayer Law we understand these very sensitive matters and can help you navigate these trying and complicated issues.

Thayer Law will work with you to obtain a positive outcome in Florida in the following situations:


Legally ending a Florida marriage can be emotionally draining and complicated.  Thayer Law will be there every step of the way to protect what matters to you most, and guide you through property division and alimony.



A compassionate advocate can help you gain your most favorable result while ensuring the best interests of the child.  In Florida custody can be awarded to one parent (sole custody) or to both parents (joint custody).


Whether creating a child support agreement through negotiations or litigating child support in court, we will work tirelessly while explaining the Florida Child Support Guidelines, your parental obligations, and how the various levels of support are determined.


Protecting victims of abuse is a top priority, and these situations can be some of the most complicated and emotionally exhausting concerns.  If you or your child are a victim of abuse, or you are being accused of domestic violence, contact us to find out how to proceed.   


When a family member has been judicially determined to lack the capacity to manage his property, or meet essential health and safety requirements, a guardian may be appointed to care for him.   This can be complicated and involve a court hearing, and at Thayer Law we will guide you through this sensitive area.


In Florida, when a mother is unmarried at the time of a child's birth, paternity must be established either voluntarily or through the courts.  Aside from a father's involvement, proving paternity may grant benefits to the child such as government benefits (if the father is disabled or a veteran), inheritance from the father's estate, and health insurance. 

Family Law
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