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5 warning signs that it's time to call a divorce lawyer

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

If you are considering whether or not to consult with a Florida divorce lawyer, here are 5 warning signs that may indicate whether the marriage is salvageable or not.

1. Abuse - If either you or your spouse are acting in an abusive manner with the other, that can indicate a lack of respect, which can seriously undermine any relationship. One spouse continually belittling or shaming the other erodes trust while leaving long-lasting mental trauma.

2. Giving Up - Marriage takes hard work, and each spouse must be committed to work through the inevitable difficult times. If you realize that one of you has given up, and no longer cares to make any effort to improve the marriage, it may be time to end the marriage. If one spouse is either unwilling or unable to make things work, the marriage has little chance to succeed.

3. No Connection - Spouses are happy to be in each other's company when the marriage is healthy. When a marriage is no longer viable, the sense of connection between spouses disappears. If you feel nothing but a sense of relief when you consider getting a divorce, it might be time to call a divorce attorney.

4. Children - Many times couples get married with an understanding that they both want (or both don't want) to have kids. When one spouse changes their mind, this can create one of the most divisive issues in a marriage. If one spouse gives in to the other's spouse's desire to have (or not have) children, it can create permanent resentment that will damage the marriage.

5. Infidelity - An affair is often the most obvious sign that a marriage is at its end. Although it is possible to overcome infidelity, the emotional scars left behind are not so easily repaired. If you no longer trust your spouse, it is not likely that you will be able to continue in a healthy marriage.

Thayer Law represents men and women who have made the difficult decision to end their marriage. If you have any questions, or your spouse has filed for divorce,

contact the Florida divorce lawyer at Thayer Law for a free phone consultation.

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